**FIRST EMAIL**/FIRST HQ Closed July 4/New FRC Controllers

Greetings Teams:

FIRST HQ closed Monday, July 4: Please note FIRST Headquarters will be closed on Monday, July 4th in observation of Independence Day.

New FRC Controllers: As announced at Championship, teams will have access to the new 4-slot cRIO-FRCII for the 2012 season. Rookie teams will be receiving the new controllers in their Kit of Parts, and veteran teams will be able to purchase the new controller chassis only, without modules, for under $300 in the late fall of this year. Your current cRIO modules will work with the new chassis. The existing 8-slot cRIO-FRC will continue to be supported and legal for use in competition, but teams wishing to purchase more of these controllers must place their orders with National Instruments by 10/1/2011. After this date, they will no longer be for sale. Teams can call National Instruments at 1-866-511-6285 to get more information and to place an order. Teams who have not yet ordered a cRIO-FRC this year may buy one with all modules included for $750.

Go Teams!