**FIRST EMAIL**/FIRST Newsletter, 2006 Issue #2

Greetings Teams:

Keep up-to-date with FIRST - View our Newsletter, 2006 Issue #2, at http://www.usfirst.org/about/news/email/2006-06-13/index.html

In This Issue:
FIRST Championship: 2006 Photo Galleries and “Behind the Scenes”
344 FIRST Robotics Competition Teams Cap “Aim High” Season at Championship
FIRST LEGO League International Celebrations Held in Atlanta and Eindhoven
Register Now for the 2006 FIRST LEGO League Nano Quest Season
FIRST Vex Challenge Builds for the Future
FIRST Annual Fund Ends June 30, 2006
A letter to the FIRST Community from FIRST President, Paul Gudonis
Spotlight on Volunteers: Sowing seeds of hope in the hurricane’s wake
Spotlight on Sponsors: Dean Kamen honors UTC with Founder’s Award

Go Teams!

Wow, the pictures take ridiculously long to load, and I have high speed internet! Good pictures though…

Very cute one of Ashley!

Agreed, the images are coming pretty slow compared to a few other alternatives (although I’m on wireless, YMMV).

By the way, look on the FVC section for a certain radio-toting ref. :wink:

Yeah, that guy looks like a tool. :wink:


Also, I find it interesting FIRST is using a slightly modified version of a free flash photoviewer (that’s slow too) called Simple Viewer. I have it on my site for my photos.


I didn’t know we were from Southampton High School, I always thought we were from Southington High. :wink: :stuck_out_tongue: