**FIRST EMAIL**/FIRST(r)Green e-watt saver bulbs have arrived!

Great News:

The initial order of FIRST®Green e-watt saver bulbs has arrived!

The FIRST®Green e-watt saver ordering Web site is also now live.
· Instructions to create an account for your U.S.-based FRC or FTC teams are available to download on the FIRST® Green e-watt saver resources page.

And, the printed Sales Kit materials are now available to order, with or without a sample bulb, at this time.

The Sales Kit includes:
· 10 copies of the team training materials (Selling Tips)
· 10 copies of the order log sheet (Order Form)
· 50 copies of a handout to provide to customers when a bulb is ordered (What are they…)

New items to the FIRST® Green e-watt saver resources page include:
· PDF copies of all the Sales Kit printed materials (to preview or print extra copies)

If you have questions, please consult the FAQ section of the FIRST® Green e-watt saver resources page or:
· Contact Team Support at 800.871.8326 ext. 0; or
· e-mail: e-watt@usfirst.org