**FIRST EMAIL**/FIRST Scholarship Early March Update

Greetings Teams,

Good Luck to all of you in your regional competitions. Be sure to take the opportunity during your regional event to visit the *FIRST *Scholarship Program table. Here you can get information about the $9.6 million in college scholarships available to *FIRST *high school students. Your regional may also be hosting a Scholarship Row or College Fair where representatives from colleges are available to talk to you about their campus, programs, and scholarships. Be sure to take advantage of this opportunity. And please take the time to thank these schools for offering *FIRST *Scholarships!

The following scholarship have been added or updated recently on the *FIRST *Scholarship webpage (www.usfirst.org/scholarships) :

  • Tulane University (deadline 1/15)
  • University of Maryland/BAE Systems (deadline 3/1)
  • Vermont Technical College – for out-of-state students (deadline 4/1)
  • University of Arizona/BAE Systems (deadline 4/30)
  • Georgia Tech (deadline 3/17)
  • RPI / BAE Systems – you must apply as a JUNIOR for this scholarship
    (deadline 5/15) - CalPoly San Luis Obispo/BAE Systems (deadline 4/11)
  • New Jersey Institute of Technology/Mercedes-Benz (deadline 5/1)
  • Penn State/BAE Systems (deadline 4/1)
    **Go Teams!

Bah! Darn juniors…that could be my RPI cash!

Where were you last year? :slight_smile:

Please visit the Scholarship Information table and College Fair being held on Friday, March 14 at the FRC Connecticut Regional. It will be located in the “FIRST Impressions” area in the lobby of the Connecticut Convention Center! See you all next week at the College Fair!

woah… Florida Tech dropped their scholarship to 3k a year from 10k a year… glad i still got mine :slight_smile:

hmm i think this is nice, and u shuld go for it :slight_smile:


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