**FIRST EMAIL**/FIRST Teams, Welcome to our Autodesk FRC 2012 Resources!

Greetings FRC Teams:

We are pleased to share the following announcement from Autodesk with you:

Welcome FIRST Teams!

Fired up? Ready to go? Autodesk wants to help you succeed.

Join the Autodesk Education Community today!

With January Kickoff coming soon, we want to share some training resources with you to help prepare teams for the upcoming season. Visit the 2012 Award tab for information on the 2012 Award for Excellence in Design, Sponsored by Autodesk, for links to product training and information on the 3D Design and 3D Animation categories. And there’s more to come! We’ll be posting detailed information on the awards on Monday, January 9th at 12pm PST, don’t forget to check back then.

Autodesk Inventor Toolkit
[li]Looking to design your winning robot with Autodesk® Inventor®? Then don’t miss our new video training series. Created for FIRST students by FIRST students, the Built by Design series of videos aims to teach students how to effectively use Autodesk Inventor Professional and other tools.[/li][li]Autodesk’s partner, 4D Technologies, is offering members of the Autodesk Education Community free access for Autodesk Inventor training and discounted online access for other Autodesk software products from CADLearning™ tutorials and training. Autodesk has donated free access to all FRC Teams.[/li][li]NEW IN 2012: Autodesk Cloud Documents. Every FIRST team member and mentor can subscribe to receive their 1G of storage space for no fee, compliments of Autodesk. Check out the videos for what you can do with this storage. The Autodesk Single Sign-On (SSO) that you used to get into the Autodesk Education Community will get you access to this powerful resource. Access it here.[/li][li]Autodesk® Design Review desktop, which is part of the Autodesk Inventor Professional download, and mobile viewers, which are available for iOS and Android, will come in handy this year. Check it out here.[/li][li]More resources will be available on Monday, January 9th at 12pm PST, don’t forget to check back then![/ul]Autodesk Mobile Apps[ul][/li][li]iPad becomes a powerful conceptual simulation tool with Autodesk® ForceEffect®, a donated application from Autodesk. Check out the introduction video on YouTube to see how your FIRST team can use this powerful tool.[/li][li]Sketch on the go! Autodesk® Sketchbook Express is a donated app that lets you capture your ideas anywhere on your mobile device. Check out this video on how you can draw over a photo to brainstorm and share with your team members.[/ul]Additional Resources[ul][/li][li]Join our Facebook group Autodesk Education Resources - FRC 2012, where you will be able to interact with other FRC teams and Autodesk employees during the competition season.[/li][*]You can also email us at [email protected] and we will do our best to answer your query in a timely manner.[/ul]Go Teams!