**FIRST EMAIL**/FIRST Trackballs Now On Sale!

Greetings Teams:

Trackballs from the 2008 game, *FIRST *Overdrive, are now available for purchase through the *FIRST *Store, http://www.logoloc.com/first/.
They are available in your choice of red or blue. Price per ball is $49.95, excluding shipping costs.

Supplies are limited, so place your order now!

Go Teams!

I’d love one but that seems a little expensive.

I question the amount of the mysterious shipping costs that don’t seem to be quoted prior to entering your credit card information. Anyone have that information?

This price is a relative bargain - the price of ordering them from the manufacturer was much higher, if I remember correctly.

this page says: Shipping is included on all orders inside of the Continental United States.

That’s at the $59.70ea price.

Interesting. LogoLoc is still selling the 2007 rings. “Blow Out” :confused: price is $2.25/each; ringers, keepers, and spoilers are available.

Try buying a full set, & you’ll see that shipping prices on those are insane!!!

Well, I tried to order a bunch of stuff, requested for the newer items list that was at CMP, and sent several emails for the past couple of weeks.
The trackballs were listed for about a week now.
NO response. Tried calling. They said the website would be updated in a few days. I called right after CMP and it hasnt been updated since. :frowning:
I guess they dont want our business. We usually spend a couple thousand per year.

Just called them again.
If you decide to call, ask for Scott Hansen. Very helpful and can send info on the newer items they had at CMP, that isn’t on the website.

Maybe wait until Building 19 has them? They were selling the tubes last year after the competition was over – maybe they’ll sell the trackballs this year.

(Just because I didn’t feel like starting a new thread about this, I’ll put this here: Bldg 19 had another ad for the rings back in April this year, and they did have a small box of them in Norwood, for $1.99/each (“their price $4.99”). “Swim Tubes” they called them in the ad. “This company develops robots and has a big cometition every year. They buy these swim tubes and use them as bumpers in the competition. This year they bought a bit too many. Because this company doesn’t sell swim tubes they practically gave them to us. Assorted colors - at least 3 colors per store - 30 inch diameter - 3mm thickness”. Which is odd, because we did use these tubes as bumpers on our old robot to bang around with.)

They were $85 (shipping included) when we bought ours during build season. The bladders were $30 and the covers were $55. So, it’s a slight discount, but these still aren’t cheap.