**FIRST Email**/FRC Online Survey and FRC Team Forums

Well, how conveinent and ironic with all the “feedback” threads…

Out to FRC teams…

Greetings Teams,

As part of our ongoing efforts to continually improve the FIRST Robotics
Program experience, FIRST would like teams to tell us what they think:

*We want to know about your team experiences and what it means to be
team leaders and mentors.

  • We want to know your opinions on how FIRST can improve upon the
    experience and what you need to make
    your team successful.

We hope your team will help us with this important project. We invite
you to participate in a survey which is part of a study that FIRST is
conducting to learn more about the quality of the FIRST Robotics
Competition program. Please click on the link and take a few moments to
complete the survey.


Also, through the weeks of May 14 and May 21, FIRST will be hosting Team
Forums. Starting the third week in April, please check the FIRST
website for the specific date, time, and location of a Team Forum in
your area. Please join us and make your voice heard.

We thank you for all the time and effort you give to making FIRST

Go Teams!

Michelle Normand
Operations Coordinator
FIRST (For Inspiration and Recognition of Science and Technology)
200 Bedford Street, Manchester, NH 03101
800-871-8326 or 603-666-3906

Of course, most of the threads are about specific regionals and there are no questions about regionals on the survey.


Heh, I didn’t look at it yet. But at least it’s some form of feedback to FIRST. They probably don’t ask about regionals because for the most part, it’s the local committees that run the regionals.
FYI - working on a way to see if they will give public access to certain contacts.

I filled out the survey. Some of the questions worry me to answer though. Like they are considering what they can scrap from the kit next year.

I thought the same thing. We hardly used any kit components this year (save for the motors and control system) but I would hate to see them go away!! Most of the items on that list were pneumatic or camera related and since we didn’t use either … I only (mostly) checked the motors off. Hopefully, we won’t see kit parts disappear next year.