**FIRST EMAIL**/FRC TIMS Opens August 26th/Mentor Recognition

Greetings Teams:

**TIMS Update: **As you know, we have been working hard all summer to make FRC TIMS more functional and user friendly. We are pleased to announce that TIMS will officially open on Thursday, August 26th at 12 noon EST for teams to input their 2011 Team Profile information. As we approach the opening date, we will send an additional email with details about the new features and changes to the system!

**Mentor Recognition: **When TIMS opens for the 2011 season, please be sure to send Mentor Invitations to all your team mentors and adult volunteers. It only takes a minute, and they will receive a 2011 Mentor/Coach recognition certificate and pin in January for National Mentor Month if they sign up. Please help us thank them for all their hours of hard work on behalf of your team and FIRST.

Go Teams!