**FIRST EMAIL**/FRC Volunteer Survey

Hello FIRST Volunteers,

From it’s beginning, FIRST has depended on a generous commitment of time and energy from its dedicated volunteers. Mentors, Coaches, event volunteers, partners, committee members and parents are all so very important to the success of FIRST programs. There’s no doubt about it, FIRST is truly a volunteer driven organization.

In an effort to make your FIRST volunteer experience the best that it can be, we’d ask you to take a couple of minutes to answer a few questions and give us some feedback on your volunteer experience with
us. We’ve created a Volunteer Survey that will help us to find out a little about you and a lot about how we can make FIRST an even better place to volunteer. Our Volunteer Survey is located at:


Thank you, in advance, for your feedback, for your support, and all that you do to make us FIRST.

Dennis Howland
FIRST Volunteer Resources Manager

Is anyone else having problems with that website?

Works for me.

Easy, simple, done.

I don’t understand why FIRST doesn’t seem to consider mentors as volunteers.

It is nice that they are asking us volunteers!

The survey focused on those who volunteer for FIRST events, not on particular teams. There’s a need for both types of volunteers - and I suspect that many individuals do both.

I think that it is a great idea. One of our issues was that we are not being heard. Now FIRST is being proactive and asking. Easy to do and room for input. Great job FIRST.

You know steve,

I am glad to see them listening to us too. Especially that Detroit Regional. I have to admit that it is one of the best around! Go Steve!

I noticed that as well. I have found that most volunteers are tied to a team one way or another.

Some are, some aren’t. Many event volunteers work for a sponsor of the event. Many are from the community that have been asked to volunteer (judges, website evaluators, PR, media/VIP people, etc.). Some of us may have started out with a FIRST program team but are no longer affiliated with one, because we’ve “gone over to the dark side” and are now event or program volunteers! :wink:

I struggled a bit with the context of the questions. It was hard for me to fit my issues within the context of these particular questions and some of the selections didn’t really jive with my thoughts. I hope I got my point(s) across.