**FIRST EMAIL**/Future of FRC - Sneak Peek

I’m actually kind of excited to see what this is…

Greetings Teams:

Dean Kamen will be giving teams an exciting sneak peek of the future of FRC this Thursday, April 17th during the Championship. On Wednesday, we’ll send out an email with the time and location where teams traveling to Atlanta should gather for this announcement. We’ll also include the website address where teams not attending the Championship can watch a video of the Sneak Peek and find links to more information.

Go Teams!

FIRST Robotics Competition

(p) 1-800-871-8326 x 0
(f) 603-666-3907
[email protected]


As I said before, I bet Woodie/Dean would stand up at Champs this year and show everyone the new FIRST RC.

Hopefully it’s not during the web hug/too late at night.

This does give us something to talk about on FIRSTcast though. :]

Oh, its on!

I wonder if we’re going back to tethered robots…

Greaaat… the busiest travel day for most teams.
Awesome timing. :rolleyes:

Guess I’ll be checking mobile web, or having people who are staying home keep an eye out for that announcement here, and linkin’ me up.

The essential information packet stated the following

Sneak Peak
-Curie Field
-Thursday 9 to 9:25am

Sneak Peak Team Training
-Room C102 Thursday and Friday
-Various times

Sneak Peak Mentor Training
-Room C102 Thursday

Sneak Peak Demonstrations
-Practice Fields Thursday Friday Saturday
-Various times

I can’t wait to see it! This will probably be very, very exciting.

water game?!?!?! =D

Ha…everyone knows its gonna be on ice next year.

it must be the new RC!
yea! are you ready to rumble?!

where did you get this info, if you don’t mind me asking, because if it’s the new RC everyone is talking about, why woulds teams and mentors need to be trained on it now?? and demos of it all weekend?? I would think that the new RC won’t be that fantastic to show off Demos (how would you demo this, sure put it on a robot, “yay robot runs!” end of demo lol :ahh: ) all weekend!

sounds awesome…cant wait to check it out

The info was on the Championship event information file–it’s a 10-page or so PDF.

I could see the demos of a new RC based more around the technologies the system either enables or simplifies for teams. The training would be akin to teams receiving The Device Formerly Known As Edubot in advance of the 2004 season when the IFI controllers moved from BASIC to C, though I hope teams will have more of a chance to get familiar with it before January.

I would also venture a guess to say that we will be seeing a preview of how the new KOP will work. Based on the survey they sent out a while ago and some communications I believe that could be as big of a change as the control system.

Oh no no no. Think about this… Overdrive played with four Alliances of two robots each. Go go green alliance!

The third robot on the field was introduced one year after the last RC change we may be seeing four soon. For the Seattle Regional that would mean every robot in the queue or on the field at the same time. Just something to think about.


Oh no… are there matches running during this time? :confused:


OoOoOoOoOoOoOoO I’m so excited!!! :smiley: :smiley: :smiley:


The big surprise will come when we find the FTC and FRC controllers are the exact same thing. :yikes:

I have no inside information on that, by the way… but why not? (It is now, kinda…)

As Greg points out, with FIRST apparently severing relations with IFI :frowning: there will likely be other KOP changes as well. The kitbot frame is one example.


P.S. My apologies… I don’t think I’ve ever used TWO smileys in a post before! :ahh:

I also think we’ll be seeing the new RC.

And, I predict*, its capabilities will wow the crowd. Care to speculate?
802.11 wireless - what can you do with a 11 Mb/s data stream for example?


*Apologies to Looking Forward.

On board video feeds?