**FIRST EMAIL**/How to Care for your 2010 Kit of Parts/Get Out the Vote for FIRST!/Th

FIRST EMAIL/How to Care for your 2010 Kit of Parts/Get Out the Vote for FIRST!/The GDC Wants your Input

Greetings Teams:

Given the new kit structure, many teams will reuse valuable electronic items from year to year. Here are a few recommendations for preserving these items so that they remain in good condition for future FRC seasons. http://www.usfirst.org/uploadedFiles/Community/FRC/Game_and_Season__Info/2010_Assets/care%20and%20feeding%20of%20the%20DS.pdf
Vote for FIRST! ** American Express is donating $200,000 to the most popular organization listed in its Members Project webpage, and FIRST is in the running under the Education category. You canregister to vote here http://www.takepart.com/membersproject/vote, then vote once every week for the next 12 weeks until the deadline, August 22nd. The winners will be announced August 30th.
Vote for FIRST! **Pitney Bowes will donate $9,000 to the most popular organization listed on its Innovation in Action webpage. You canvote for FIRST here http://www.pbconnect.com/innovate/vote/ before thedeadline on June 9th at 10:00 EDT. The winner will be announced on June 9th at the World Innovation Forum. Thank you for your support!

The Game Design Committee (GDC) wants to know if you have any suggestions for the 2011 FRC game that are specific to our upcoming 20th anniversary. As requested in Bill’s Blog last week, please send your ideas to [size=2]FRCTeams@usfirst.org[/size]** **and put “For GDC eyes only” in the subject line. Thus far, we have only gotten a handful of responses. Don’t be shy—tell us what you’d like to see for 2011! They’re really reading these!

*Go Teams!

NOTE: Criteria is you need to be 18 to register to vote for this.