**FIRST EMAIL**/Important – Team Update #1

The Update is listed but the link is not operating properly…

I compared the two and they deleted <G36>, the Home Stretch rule.

The link is now updated and it works. Update #1 can be found here.


Greetings Teams: When modifications are needed for the Competition Manual, the applicable section will be updated and the revision changed. In order to communicate when changes are made, as well as explanations as needed, we will publish a “Team Update” and post it on the FIRST website. The updates are authored by the Game Design Committee (GDC) and are the official word from FIRST.
**Team Updates will be posted weekly on Tuesday and Friday throughout the 2008 FRC season, so be sure to check the page for news.
**Note: **Email blasts will not be sent each time a Team Update is published. Team are responsible for checking the site on the days indicated.
There will be occasions when there are no changes to the Competition Manual or other information to convey, thus a Team Update will not be published.

Team Update #1 is now published and available at http://www.usfirst.org/community/frc/content.aspx?id=450

Go Teams!

Well there you go.
<G36> is gone and peace is restored to CD.

yeah right.:rolleyes:

That’s a nice thing to know, rule G36 was making everyone crazy.

At least it’s one less thing to worry about…

Lets see Infinity-1 equals… Infinity. :slight_smile:


yep, just like i thought.

Why the crazy huge space?

I hate to be even the slightest bit negative (as I welcome this update) but I am a bit concerned with how fast this update came about. Maybe it was a mistake in the first place, but it seems that these kinds of rule changes will have very dramatic effects on the game play and strategies of teams. Maybe they were trying to make sure this fundamental change would not happen after teams had started to build designs dependent on the existing rules.

Hopefully this update alone will clear up the rules enough to allow the robot design to be decided upon without too much worry about a future update changing what we would want to build. Another week or so and many people will have invested a lot of time into specific strategies.

couldn’t you feel peace and serenity looking at that white space?

it was like the sound of a hundred thousand FIRSTers going “Shhhhhh…” at once…


Our team was having a big debate on whether you were allowed to carry the ball over the overpass-nice to see that resolved immediately, although I am now was wrong (did that make any sense at all?)

Thank you!!!:yikes:

I like the gracious professionalism demonstrated by FIRST in giving credit at the bottom of page 2:

Please accept our apologies for the mistakes in the manual. We’re grateful to the FIRST community for its thorough evaluation and gracious feedback. Thank you for finding the oversights so quickly!
I understand that this was caught too late to make the final release, but kudos to FIRST, the GDC and their helpers for updating this so quickly.

Yeah!! Death to Rule <G36>!! Perhaps the most hated rule ever (OK, this year)!!:smiley:

Well… using something that Dean said… “when $@#$@#$@#$@# happens” it must be cleaned…

It’s good to see that first is always ready to listen the teams… and in such a short time… that was a realy messing rule…

Can’t wait for the regionals to see the game being plaed…

I agree.

Although <G36> certainly added some very interesting dilemmas to the game, it did cause some unnecessary complications as well. We’ll have an easier season because of this one deletion.


I think everyone here would like to say: Thank you FIRST you totally got it right this time!

G36…that was easy to settle!

I thought there was going to be a riot or global robot wars or something over that rule.