**FIRST EMAIL**/Kit and Kickoff Preferences Opening Monday, October 16th!

Greetings Teams:

This is a reminder that the Kit and Kickoff Preferences in the Team Information Management System (TIMS) will open on Monday, October 16th at 12:00 noon EDT. Please note the list of Local Kickoffs comprises what is currently available at this time. New locations may be added in the upcoming weeks, so please check back on TIMS to see if a Local Kickoff closer to you has been added!

For those of you new to FRC this season, The Kickoff is both when the 2007 Game will be unveiled and where you will pick up your Kit of Parts (KOP) to build your robot! Read the important information below prior to making your selections.
The “Kit and Kickoff Preferences” section in TIMS is where you will make your selections. This section will be open from October 16 - December 1, 2006. Please read the “Help” screen provided if you have questions on how to make your selections;
Your team can attend more than one Kickoff. For example, if your team is planning to fly members to the Manchester, NH Kickoff, other members of your team can also attend a Local Kickoff and pick up your KOP
If your team chooses to send members to Manchester via aircraft, they will not be able to take the KOP back on the plane. We recommend that you send other adult team members to a Local Kickoff to collect the KOP, otherwise you will need to select “My Site” for your KOP shipment and pay for your KOP shipment.
We highly encourage Rookie Teams to send two (2) adult team leaders to the Manchester, NH Kickoff to attend the workshops!
If you choose to have your KOP shipped to you via the “My Site” selection, your team will be responsible for paying the costly shipping. Teams collecting their KOP at either the Manchester Kickoff or a Local Kickoff will not have to pay any shipping charges.
In order to have your KOP shipped to “My Site” you must enter a valid FedEX or UPS shipping account number in TIMS. If this number is not entered or is inaccurate, your kit cannot be shipped.
Teams that choose the “My Site” option can expect to start receiving their KOP the week following the Kickoff.
If you choose “My Site” please verify that your Shipping Contact’s address is accurate in TIMS - this is where the KOP will be shipped!
All Kit Shipping information must be accurate by the December 1st deadline date as the packing and palletizing process for shipment will start the next week. Once Kits are palletelized, FIRST will not be able to accept any changes to your shipping selections…

IMPORTANT Surrogate Kit Pickup Information

If your team is unable to pick up its KOP at the selected Kickoff, an alternate team may do so on your behalf. The team unable to attend must provide FIRST with an authorization letter, signed by the main contact, on school or sponsor letterhead.

Fax the letter to Team Support at 603-666-3907 no later than January 4, 2007 5:00 pm EST, and send a hard copy to FIRST, Attn: Team Support, 200 Bedford Street, Manchester, NH 03101. The letter should include the following:

1.) Your team number and the pick-up location;
2.) The name and team number of the representative picking up the KOP.

Provide a copy of the Surrogate Kit Pickup letter to the team representative picking up the KOP for your team. This representative must bring the letter to the appropriate Kickoff.

Thank you all.

Go Teams!