**FIRST EMAIL**/Letter to FRC teams from the United States Department of Commerce

Greetings FRC Teams:

We are pleased to share with you with a letter from Phillip Bond, Under Secretary for Technology, United States Department of Commerce. It is a nice reminder that your efforts are recognized at the highest levels of government.

To view, please click on http://www.usfirst.org/robotics/2005/2005_FIRST_Congratulatory_letter.pdf. Please also share this letter with the participants on your team.

Go Teams!

thanks dez…

gotta love these ppl…lol…yay for FIRST

Err, mayhaps OS X is just acting up again, but am I the only person that cannot see the letter? Would anyone be able to post the text in here or PM me with it?

The pdf is an image, not text, so here it is:

I had the same problem. If you download it and then open it with Photoshop or a similar tool that will allow you to increase the contrast, you should be able to see it.


Thanks so much Dave and Pat, I was beginning to wonder why I could only see half of “Sincerely” and a signature :yikes: