**FIRST EMAIL**/New 2006 Woodie Flowers Award Winner Recognition Plan!

Out to Championship Teams…

Greetings Teams:

We are very excited to announce a new plan for the recognition of the 2006 Woodie Flowers Award winner at the upcoming FIRST Championship in Atlanta.

On Thursday at 5:00 pm, Dr. Woodie Flowers will host a ceremony located on Einstein field to honor and announce this year’s Woodie Flowers Award winner. Dr. William Murphy, founder of the award, and a few past winners will also share their wisdom. There will be live music as an
introduction and finish to this ceremony, so arrive early to catch all of the excitement of this new addition to the Championship event. All
are welcome and encouraged to attend.

Also, visit the Hall of Fame (HOF) to see a new Woodie Flowers Award booth! The HOF is located in the pit area, so please come over and take a look at the teams and people who exemplify the meaning of FIRST.

Go Teams!

Hmmm…music before and after, Baker indicating DSATKB might be going south, Brandon (a known roadie for them) mysteriously changing his plans to come to Atlanta…coincidence?

A big, bald birdie told me something about DSATKB coming up from south of the equator and heading to a US city. (They went back down under after causing some ruckus in the monkey cages after the WI Regional Social at the zoo.)

I hate birdies…especially bald ones :ahh:

WFA winners in the Hall Of Fame?

It’s about time!

I win! :smiley:


(well, along with Koko Ed)

So we get to hear the likes of Copioli, Baker and Patton yuk it up?

This should be good.

Unfortunately the timing conflicts with the FVC qualification rounds… :frowning: Can someone please tape it so we can watch it later?

The Woodie Flowers Award (WFA) ceremony on Thursday is a new event for the Championships. It is FIRST’s way of giving more attention to the award recipients and candidates.

Dr. William Murphy will speak, and many of you have not heard him since he last attended the Championships in 2003. Dr. Murphy was one of Dean Kamen’s first customers back when Dean developed lighting shows while in high school. He has been a strong supporter of FIRST and an advisor to many in FIRST over the years. Dr. Murphy is the founder of Small Parts, Inc. and Cordis Corporation. His father was a Nobel Prize winner in 1934.

Also, a few other WFA winners will address the crowd during this 30 minute ceremony. At the end, the 2006 WFA winner will be announced and celebrated.

The DS&K band will start an intro at 4:50 and finish up at the end of the ceremony.

Also, FIRST is recognizing WFA winners in the Hall of Fame area in the pits. You will see information about past WFA winners and possibly see the mobius sculpture (shown in Dave Kelso’s picture on the previous link) that is a travelling trophy for the winner.

See ya in Atlanta!
Andy Baker

(As for timing conflicts, this is the best FIRST could do. The pits are still open for robot work, but the FRC practice rounds are completed by 5:00. The Autodesk session and FRC driver’s meeting begins at 6:00.)

I’m glad that they aren’t doing it in the morning like they did last year. I thought that completely undermined the importance of the award, particularly since nobody knew ahead of time that it wasn’t being presented along with all the other awards.

It kind of sucks that it’s on Thursday when the pits are still open, and not during the awards ceremony on Saturday, but it’s probably a fair tradeoff, since it’s now getting the emphasis it deserves.

There still will be a WFA award announcement during the Friday opening ceremonies. This Thursday thing is a bonus.


I can see it now…all those wonderful WFA winners speaking…or trying to speak over the sounds of screaming Vex kids, music, and announcers. Don’t get me wrong, I think the ceremony is a great idea…but we already had this scheduling issue with the Vex tourney and FRC at UTC…annnnd I really would rather not whisper during matches again!

Exactly my initial thought, too, Andy. Not only do you not want to whisper during the matches on Vex, you don’t want to have to shout to be heard over a band playing on the Einstein field. Great idea, too bad about the scheduling conflict. And then again, Andy should be over at Einstein as a Regional WFA recipient - hmm… have you been cloned yet Andy?

Perhaps the matches could pause for the ceremony, then pipe it over on the big screen? I mean, it’s one of the biggest awards in all of FIRST–nobody wants to be talking over or under it. (I wonder what FRC will do if any of the fields run late for whatever reason.)

I’m still waiting on the creation of my clones. Although, this world is in enough trouble with just one of me…I wouldn’t want to force another me on everyone! I figure, worse comes to worse I can just peak my head around the curtain between matches to watch the ceremony. :stuck_out_tongue:

Just out of curiosity did anyone put together a list of Regional WFA winners for this year? I’m wondering who this year’s candidates for the Championship WFA are.

This took a while but here is the list of candidates:

2004 Regional Winners:
Sean Schuff 93 STL
John Budish #537 Midwest
Dave Beck 103 NJ
Ansel Butterfield #122 NASA/VCU
Paul Roush 360 Portland
Michael Rush #64 AZ
Ken Ardizzone #108 FL
Tim Flickinger 27 Great Lakes
Frank Larkin #272 Pittsburgh
Dave Ferreira 121 UTC New England
George Perna #125 Chesapeake
Jay TenBrink 494 Peachtree
Steve Kyramarios 254 Sacramento
Brian Buonomo #871 SBPLI Long Island
Bill Vinnage 1038 Buckeye
Rick Pierce #1164 Colorado
Andy Bradley 233 NYC
Joe Perrotto 365 Philly
Robert Minieri #812 Southern Cal
Roland Anderson 188 Canadian Regional
Lender Luse #462 Lone Star
Bill Soetebier #415 Palmetto
Ted Shinta 115 Silicon Valley
Darrell Noble 71 Western Michigan

2005 Regional Winners:
Al Skierkiewicz 111 Midwest
Paul Griswold #155 BAE Granite State
Robert Kelly 1370 Finger Lakes
Charles Harris #623 NASA/VCU
Dana Hobbs #34 Peachtree
Matt Driggs 330 Sacramento
William Bennett #1011 AZ
Scott Ritchie 234 FL
Paul DuBois #894 Great Lakes
Susan Godez #128 Pittsburgh
Eric Curry 1208 STL
Dave Leenhouts 176 UTC New England
John Novak #16 Boilermaker
Dave Lavery #116 Chesapeake
Mike Martus 47 Detroit
Kurt Eckert 237 NJ
Kevin Ross #1039 Portland
Neil Heft 533 SBPLI Long Island
Mark Poljak 1270 Buckeye
Jesse Johnson #1245 Colorado
Tom Ferguson 694 NYC
Louis Rosanio 365 Philly
Chris Curry #568 Silicon Valley
Karthik Kanagasabapathy 1114 Waterloo
Vince Lau #1275 Toronto
Pattie Adkins #1505 Las Vegas
Lucien Junkin 118 Lone Star
Pete Proner #845 Palmetto
LeRoy Nelson 294 Southern Cal
Don Wright 830 Western Michigan

2006 Regional Winners:
Dan Green 111 Midwest
Bob Blersch #269 Wisconsin
Mark Koors 45 Boilermaker
Andy Grady 131 BAE Granite State
Wayne Cokeley 1089 & 25 NJ
Toss Cline #— NASA/VCU
Williane Tenca 1510 Portland
Chris Fultz 234 AZ
Steve Florence 461 Buckeye
Jason Rees 340 Finger Lakes
James Payne #1345 Florida
Artur Ostrowski 469 Great Lakes
John Larock 365 Pittsburgh
Frank Dressel 931 STL
Paul Kane #20 UTC New England
Jeremy Skene 612 Chesapeake
Ronald Arscheene #— Detroit
Mike Wherley #116 Peachtree
William Dunbar #— Silicon Valley
James Broderick 126 Boston
(No Name On FIRST Site) 245 Sacramento
Mike Siegal #375 NYC
Pat Hughes #514 SBPLI Long Island
Joseph Acker #1266 Southern Cal
Roger Gooch #758 Waterloo
Adee Edan #1547 Israel
Chuck Brant #1583 Colorado
Shawn Lim 188 Toronto
Darryl Newhouse #— Las Vegas
Robert Acosta 1745 Lonestar
Scott Strickland 21 Palmetto
Jules Scogna 357 Philly
Steve Yasik 85 Western Michigan

I could never decide.

Two words:
Boo-yeah! :smiley:

That is an impressive list of mentors! Congratulations to all of them!

(I think Dean’s next homework assignment should be for teams to recruit more inspirational women mentors…)

With that list of nominees how would you decide?