**FIRST EMAIL**/Purchasing 2007 FRC Game Pieces and Yaw Rate Gyro and Dual Axis Accel

Out to FRC teams…

Greetings Teams:

The 2007 FRC game pieces will be available to purchase at the FIRST/LogoLoc Store- you can link to the FIRST Store from the FIRST home page
(Quick Links), or through the LogoLoc website http://www.logoloc.com/first/

You will be able to start placing orders on Wednesday, January 10th. Shipments will start during the week of the 15th of January.

These are the official FIRST scoring objects; they are a custom product for the FIRST Robotics Competition, and are not available elsewhere.

4 package quantities will be offered:

A) 12-Pack @ $35.40: 5 Blue Ringers, 5 Red Ringers, and 2 Spoilers
B) 2-Pack @ $6.50: 1 Blue Keeper and 1 Red Keeper
C) 2-Pack @ $5.90: 1 Blue Ringer and 1 Red Ringer
D) 2-Pack @ $5.90: 2 Spoilers
(Shipping and handling not included in price)

All orders will be limited to package quantities, and these will be shipped via UPS Ground service only for domestic teams. International teams should contact Logo Loc directly for shipping information. All sales will be final.

Due to limited availability, orders for the Keepers will be limited to 2 packs (4 units) per team.

The maximum inflation for these items is 2.5 psi; the actual FRC-Competition specifications will be provided soon.

Yaw Rate Gyro/Dual Axis Accelerometer Boards Information

This year, your team did not receive the Yaw Rate Gyro or Dual Axis Accelerometer Boards in the Kit of Parts. Do not fear!

Any team interested in this helpful sensor technology can send an email request to sensors@usfirst.org by January 19, 2007 and will receive these two boards, free of charge and without shipping costs! We hope you take advantage of this asset on your robots.

Good Luck!

Go Teams!

I’m a bit confused by the wording here… does “2 packs (4 units) per team” mean two choices from A to D, or is it two tubes, such as ONE B-D purchase?

If I’m reading it correctly,

Due to limited availability, orders for the Keepers will be limited to 2 packs (4 units) per team.

The limit is only for the keeper tube packs (2 packs, making 4 keepers). I’m assuming its because of the FIRST logo imprints on them, so they would cost more and they probably have less of them in stock.


The sensors GYRO and ACCELEROMETER are the same of last year?

if not what’s the name? I need the datasheets…


There’s no physical difference between keepers and ringers right?

Other than the lettering on the keepers? No.

The LogoLoc/First store is up and running and able to take orders for the game pieces now.

The Keepers are printed with “FIRST” on them- not as depicted in the picture on the store page.

It seems as if the limit is only per order, so a team could go through and reorder just using different names. I went through looking at it, basically just wanting to order some to play around with. They are tons of fun.:cool: