**FIRST EMAIL**/Recognition of 2007 Award Winning Teams Reception on Capitol Hill

Greetings Teams:
On Monday, April 30, Congressman Jim Langevin (RI) and his colleagues will honor FIRST 2007 Award Winning teams at a Congressional Reception.
FIRST encourages you to invite your congressional delegation to attend.

For event details, please click on:


Please be sure to include this link with your email invitations, or, make sure your invitees receive a hard copy. Please also feel free to send to other state government officials (e.g., Governor, Senators) who could be in the area or willing to make the trip to attend.

Thank you all for helping make this very special opportunity a success.

Go Teams!

This email blast was also sent separately to FVC team leaders that’s why I decided it should also be posted here in the FVC email blast sub-forum. Just in case Vex teams are only paying attention to the Vex sub-forums.

Ahh… Didn’t realize you posted it in the VEX forums.
My bad! :yikes:
Point taken.