**FIRST EMAIL**/Replacement Parts Requests Deadline Sunday 1/13/13 @ 12 noon EST/FRC

FIRST EMAIL/Replacement Parts Requests Deadline Sunday 1/13/13 @ 12 noon EST/FRC Manual Q&A System/FRC Blog/Message from Autodesk

Greetings Teams:

Replacement Parts Requests Deadline: Sunday, 1/13/13 at 12 pm (noon) EST: If your team has determined that you are missing a part(s), or need a replacement part(s), you must use the FIRST “Replacement Parts Request” system to order replacements.

To begin the process of submitting a Replacement Parts Request, team Main or Alternate contacts will:1. Login to TIMS
2. On the right side of the Team Summary page, under the “What’s New” header, click on the link to “Submit a Replacement Parts Request HERE”;
3. Follow TIMS instructions to complete a Replacement Parts Request.

This is a “one time only” opportunity to submit a Replacement Parts Request. Please make sure your request is both accurate and complete prior to pressing the “Confirm Request” button.

Once the request is submitted and confirmed, there can be no changes to it.

Replacement Parts Requests will be processed and shipped to teams in a timely manner. Please make sure your Shipping Contact’s information is accurate and complete in TIMS as this is to whom the parts will be shipped.

Please note the system will not allow teams to request a quantity of parts higher than the number originally sent with the Kit of Parts. This system is also not to be used to order additional or purchased parts.

FRC Manual Q & A System: FIRST recognizes that teams may have questions about game rules, robot construction, event logistics, and more. FIRST asks that teams use the Question & Answer System (Q&A) to post questions pertaining to a specific section within the 2013 FRC Game Manual. Your posted questions will be reviewed by the appropriate moderator and answered in a timely manner (usually within 2-3 business days). The 2013 Q&A System, http://www.usfirst.org/roboticsprograms/frc/game-q-and-a, is now open.

In order to access the Q&A System, your team’s specific login info can be found on the Team Summary page in your TIMS record. Please assign one individual from your team to act as the team rules expert and only share your team’s unique username and password with him/her. This team rules expert should be the only person responsible for posting questions to the Q&A System.

Before posting a question on the Q&A System, we encourage teams to look for the answers to questions first within the 2013 FRC Game Manual and Team Updates. You can review these documents here: http://www.usfirst.org/roboticsprograms/frc/game-and-season-info.

FRC Blog: Please visit the FRC Blog for information regarding the Safety Manual and Classmate Images: http://www.usfirst.org/roboticsprograms/frc/blog-safety-classmate-image-and-questions-i-wont-be-answering.

Message from Autodesk: Autodesk FRC 2013 Kit of Parts and Blog – Now Live!

Autodesk is excited to announce that the 2013 FRC Kit of Parts is now available for download from the Resources tab at the autodesk.com/FIRST page. The Kit of Parts is available in both Autodesk Inventor 2013 format and STEP format.

In an effort to support teams as they dive into the design process, our friend Phil Dollan will be creating blog entries on the following topics:

Downloading the Kit of Parts - Review the location on the website and how to apply the filters to access 2013 and previous years.

Managing Data - Manage data using project files, review directory structure, storing data on Autodesk 360 and a look at Autodesk Vault.

You can see these and other entries, throughout the season on Phil’s Autodesk Inventor FRC blog.
Best of luck to all FRC teams!

Autodesk FRC Team Support

Go Teams!

FRC Team Support