**FIRST EMAIL**/Resources and Rookie Workshops Available On-Line Now!

Greetings Teams:

As part of the Kickoff in Manchester, FIRST hosted a series of Resources and Rookie Workshops in order to help teams in technical and non-technical aspects of their FIRST seasons. The goal of these workshops is to give all FRC members support in building and maintaining their teams.

Through the support of WPI, these workshops were recorded and an online training website (http://first.wpi.edu) has been developed. All of this weekend’s presentations have been posted on this website for individuals and teams to watch. Along with the videos, all available presentation slides have been made available for download.

To view these presentations, please visit http://first.wpi.edu and click on “Workshops and Conferences” in the menu. This website will continue to be populated as more training material becomes available and any feedback or suggestions are welcome by emailing [email protected].

Go Teams!