**FIRST EMAIL**/Second Regional Event Registration Opens Thursday, October 25, 2007

Greetings Teams:

Second regional event and 2007 Championship participants registration will open this **Thursday, October 25, 2007 **at 12:00 noon EDT. Please read the following information to understand your team’s registration status during this process.

Wait List Process

  • If the event you select is full, your team will be added to the wait list;
    reserves some places for late registering rookie teams for every regional event. Once registration closes on **December 3rd **if there are any reserved slots left, wait listed teams will then be moved in; - Once a team has signed up for the maximum number of regionals for a particular registration period (e.g., currently two (2) regionals per team) they cannot join a wait list;
  • For each event weekend a team can only sign up or join the wait list for one event (i.e., a team cannot be registered/wait listed for two events occurring on the same weekend;)
  • Teams wishing to drop from a wait list can do so via the “Drop Event” button in TIMS;
    does not issue the wait list. Teams attending any given regional can change at the last moment as their finances are determined, therefore the number of places available can also change. It is also unknown how many late registering rookies there will be. We do not want teams making definite plans based on their place on a wait list when information may be changing.Tip! If you find yourself on a wait list, please bear in mind that teams drop out of events for various reasons and many times a wait listed team may be able to get into the event of their choice!

**Pending versus Registered Status

**When a team selects a second regional event and/or the Championship, the team’s selection will be “pending” until a FIRST acceptable form of payment is received. Once FIRST Finance has received acceptable payment, your team’s event status will move from “pending” to “registered”.

Please understand that once all event spots are filled with registered teams, remaining “pending” teams (teams not yet paid) will be moved onto a wait list for that event (even if this should occur prior to the payment deadline of 2/1/2008). **Therefore, no pending spot is guaranteed until a FIRST acceptable form of payment is received. **Please see the FIRST Acceptable Forms of Payment at http://www.usfirst.org/community/frc/content.aspx?id=460

If you have any questions please contact Finance at ext. 414 or 450.

Go Teams!

A very smooth process. Thanks FIRST

That *was *quick.

We have it too easy now.
Why, back in the day it used to take us all afternoon just to login…:slight_smile:

That’s easier than saving money by switching to some silly insurance company.

Fast, easy. It was great!

Thanks, FIRST! :slight_smile:

Yes, that sure was easy! now to get the school to send the money…that’s the challenge…