**FIRST EMAIL**/Second Regional Event Registration Opens Today at 12 Noon ET/CMP Wait

FIRST EMAIL/Second Regional Event Registration Opens Today at 12 Noon ET/CMP Waitlist Registration for Veteran Teams that DID NOT Compete at the 2012 CMP Opens Today at 12 Noon ET

Greetings Teams:

Second Regional Event Registration Opens Today at 12 pm (noon) ET in TIMS: Beginning at 12 noon ET, teams in the regional model will be able to register for their second regional event in TIMS: https://my.usfirst.org/frc/tims/site.lasso. District teams who have registered for both of their district events will be able to register for a regional event at this time.

FIRST Championship Waitlist Registration for Veteran Teams that DID NOT compete at the 2012 FIRST Championship Opens Today at 12 pm (noon) ET in TIMS: https://my.usfirst.org/frc/tims/site.lasso.

During this enrollment period, FRC teams will immediately go onto a waitlist for the FIRST Championship.

This is a change from prior seasons, when some teams were able to get slots immediately for Championship during this period.

As the number of FRC teams and events continue to grow, the number of merit-based qualifying teams also grows. We can’t predict the exact number of slots that will be available to veteran teams through an open registration process, but the number is likely to be small.

We will release FIRST Championship slots to waitlisted teams as the season progresses and we become comfortable that all merit-based qualifying teams (teams winning awards at 2013 events that qualify them to go to Championship, or earn a wild card slot) are being accommodated.

For more information on the Championship eligibility criteria, please visit: http://www.usfirst.org/roboticsprograms/frc/championship-eligibility-criteria.

Go Teams!

Only 4 slots open for our 2nd Regional first choice… going to be close.

On your mark…

Good Luck :wink:

Is it better to be logged on to TIMS and “refresh” the team summary page at Noon Eastern, or to log on to TIMS at that time?

(I’ve always logged on at the time because I wasn’t sure that refreshing the page would open the option for registering.)

Which works best?

  • Mr. Van
    Coach, Robodox

It probably doesn’t matter that much which method you prefer.
The log jam isn’t for the login database, but for the event database as we’re going through the registration steps.
The capabilities of server itself and any supporting surrogates are probably the restricting factor.

Once you’re logged-in you should just refresh if you get a “too busy” message.

The real problem might be for those 80 teams still on waitlists for their first event. I don’t think the system lets you sign up for another until that’s cleared.
If anyone encounters that let us know how that situation works out.

Get set…

On a side note I hope the wifi doesn’t die where I am at… Historically it likes to do that…

T~120 Seconds, and counting.

Just registered for our second event! Northern Lights Regional… It appeared to open about a minute early.

Well, that was much easier than 1st event registration. Just registered for the new Crossroads Regional!

Much easier than the first time around! 2530 is heading back to Wisconsin! Can’t wait to see everyone, we missed being there last year.

5 minutes into second event registration, and Minnesota is full - North Star and 10,000 Lakes filled up earlier, Lake Superior filled up as soon as second event opened, and Northern Lights lasted 4 minutes.

For all those on wait lists… have hope! We’ll have to wait and see how many spots they open up in each regional now. From the looks of it, there are over 20 rookie teams already registered, so I doubt they feel much need to continue holding spots for more rookies!

Razorback filled 3 minutes in. :eek: We’re one of the lucky 8 that took those last spots. Helloooo Fayetville. :cool:

NYC is now filled, it had 3 spots still open before today. We’re not showing in the system, so I’m crossing my fingers that we’re on the waitlist…

When do the waitlists start being released usually?

Wow, that was easy.

360 is going to Ellensburg for 4th week event!

along with many friends
and the list goes on and on

For the record I logged on early and refreshed page until the Add Event button appeared.

Yes, easy!

San Diego’s 6 slots were all taken in less than 20 seconds of opening. (My fingers are just not fast enough!) We’re on the waitlist.

It was so quick, I was certain that we’d get in… I was shocked when the option came up “Join Waitlist”.

Oh well… fingers are crossed - hope we get in!

  • Mr. Van
    Coach, Robodox

Agreed. This was one of the easiest event registrations of the past 3-5 years!

Thanks, FIRST!

Much easier than the 1st regional registration. We got onto the Championships waitlist and into the Connecticut regional in about 90 seconds. Good thing too since CT is now full. :slight_smile:

1648 just barely made it into Palmetto for our 2nd event! Man, that was quick.