**FIRST EMAIL**/Senior Mentor Call for FLL Rookie Coaches

Mark your Calendars! The /FIRST /Senior Mentors are pleased to announce
they will be hosting the fourth in a series of important Teleconference
calls for FLL Team Coaches on Thursday, September 18, at 7 pm EST.

This call will focus on Rookie Coaches understanding The Game. How
does the table work? What’s a “Homebase?” About Robots, and Rules on
Robots, apparatuses, and configurations, the missions & how scoring works.

This call will be hosted by Senior Mentor Steve Cremer and features Mr.
Scott Evans, our very talented FLL Engineer as the guest speaker.

All team coaches, especially rookie coaches, are welcome. The call in
number is 1-800-503-2899. The 7-digit access code is: “6663906”. We
will have 150 lines available, so lines are on a first come, first
served basis. The call will be recorded and available for replay at:

When you have accessed the conference call line, please put your phone
on “mute”. Press " *6 " to mute your line so that your background noise
will not be heard on the call. When you wish to speak, press " *7 " to
unmute your line.

If your phone has a separate “mute” key, please press that key to mute
your microphone at all times except when you wish to speak.

We highly recommend for this call that you set up your PC to view the
GAME MISSIONS page while on this call. The link is:

/FIRST /Senior Mentor Hotline
This hotline provides an effective means and opportunity for teams,
coaches, and mentors to direct their questions, and to quickly obtain
information and/or request other assistance from the /FIRST /Senior
Mentors. All correspondence and inquiries should be addressed to
[email protected] <mailto:[email protected]>.

Previous Senior Mentor Teleconferences
Please check and download any previous FLL Coaches phone conferences
that you may have missed here:

Again, all team coaches & mentors are welcome, especially those attached
to rookie teams. Please Join Us!

The /FIRST /Senior Mentors

/Go Teams!