**FIRST EMAIL**/Senior Mentor Conference Call Information

Greetings Teams:

Our FIRST Senior Mentors will be hosting a conference call for all Team Mentors on Monday, June 25 at 7 pm EST.

All Team Mentors are welcome. The call in number is -*-- and the access code is *******. Senior Mentor and FTA Paul Kloberg will lead the call. The topics covered will include: Summertime Team Development Strategies - Mentoring New Teams - Off Season Events - Summer Fund raising.

We have 50 lines available. The call will be recorded and available until July 9. We will send you information on how to access the recording after the call.
This is the first of 4 FRC Mentor calls led by our Senior Mentors that will take place this summer and in the fall. We will be sending you the full schedule soon.

Please Join Us!

Again, all Team Mentors are welcome, especially those with new teams in 2008!

Go Teams!

**EDIT: **Since there are only 50 lines available, the phone number and access code have been taken down. If you would like to participate in the call, please contact your team leader.

This sounds like quite an interesting proposition. (Would one of the senior mentors care to shed some light on a quick question for me?) Will this be a question and answer style thing or a presentation?

Hi Beth, We did a few of these this past year and the format included both. Paul will probably go over highlights of what he would like to emphasis (given the topics listed) and then open it up to Q & A. The past calls provided an opportunity to ask questions.

This is a great opportunity for pre-rookie and veteran mentors to get ideas to start thinking about over the summmer! Don’t forget to call in tonight at 7pm!

Greetings Teams:

If you were unable to join our FIRST Senior Mentor Conference Call led by New Jersey Senior Mentor Paul Kloberg this past Monday, June 25, a recording of the discussion is now available at https://www.callinfo.com/archives/playback.jsp?id=

Please note the recording will play in a Flash file format. If you do not have Flash available on your desktop, click on the following URL for a quick and simple download: www.macromedia.com/software/flash/

To recap, the topics covered during the call were:

  • Summertime Team Development Strategies;
  • Mentoring New Teams;
  • Off Season Events;
  • Summer Fundraising
    We want to thank all who participated and contributed to making this discussion a success.

Go Teams!