**FIRST EMAIL**/Senior Mentor Conference Call Tuesday, September 18th

Greetings Teams:

Our FIRST Senior Mentors will be hosting a conference call on Tuesday, September 18th, at 7 pm EDT. The featured topic will be “Organizing and Prepping the Team” and will be led by Rich Kressly. All team mentors are welcome.

[Phone number and access code removed. If you are an FTC team mentor please contact me for code.] There will be 100 lines available. For those unable to participate or procure one of the 100 lines, the call will be recorded. We will forward information on how to access the recording after the call.

Please Join Us!

Go Teams!

Update for those that are interested…
I will not be the person leading this call. I agreed to take on the topic back in April (the last month I was under contract as an SM), but did not know the call was scheduled for the day before kickoff - yikes - until this past week. I tried to clear my schedule and make it happen, but family commitments and the fact that I’m spending every free moment trying to ensure a smooth FTC kickoff on Wednesday have swallowed up any possibility of me participating. I informed FIRST by email and phone that my GDC duties would have to take priority and I provided them with 5 possible solutions/alternatives on early Friday AM.

Stay tuned … if you hear nothing then I’d assume the call will still go on as scheduled.