**FIRST EMAIL**/Special FIRST Scholarship Opportunities

Greetings Teams:

Last year, as in previous years, there were a number of colleges and universities that had available FIRST Scholarships that did not get offered to any FIRST students. This could be for a variety of reasons. Perhaps the school received no qualified applicants, or they awarded a higher value scholarship to those FIRST students that applied, or it might have been a new scholarship, offered for the first time and therefore students were not familiar with the scholarship.

If any students on your team are interested in attending any of the schools listed below, and they meet the specific eligibility requirements, please encourage them to apply for the 2009 FIRST Scholarship. The odds of winning these scholarships are excellent!

Let’s not let these generous scholarship offers go to waste.

  •      Bradley University (IL) – deadline 1/15
  •        City College of NY( NY) – deadline 2/2
  •        Colorado State University (CO) – deadline 3/1
  •      Colorado Technical University-Denver (CO) – deadline 6/20
  •      DePaul University (IL) – deadline 3/1
  •       ITT Technical Institute (32 campuses throughout the US) – deadline 4/10
  •     Molloy College (NY) – deadline 3/1
  •       Montclair State University (NJ) – deadline 3/1 (four full scholarships!)
  •       New Hampshire Technical Institute (NH) – deadline 6/30
  •        New Jersey Institute of Technology (NJ) – deadline 4/1
  •       Pace University (NY) – deadline 4/1
  •        Pennsylvania College of Technology (PA) – deadline 7/1
  •        Schoolcraft College (MI) – deadline 7/1
  •       Temple University (PA) – deadline 3/1
  •       The New School (NY) – deadline 2/1
  •        Tulane University (LA) – deadline 1/15
  •      University of Arkansas at Little Rock (AR) – deadline 2/1
  •        University of Nebraska-Lincoln (NE) – deadline 3/2
  •       Washtenaw Community College (MI) – deadline 6/10
  •      William Paterson University (NJ) – deadline 2/15

Detailed descriptions of each scholarship, including eligibility requirements, scholarship application, and links to the school, can be found on the FIRST web site at: www.usfirst.org/scholarshipsearch.aspx

Go teams!