**FIRST EMAIL**/Thank You 2007 FRC Teams!

Greetings Teams:

Thank you all for a stellar 2007 FRC season. Rookies and veterans, team members and team mentors - we truly thank you all. As we sentimentally retire “Rack and Roll”, we eagerly look toward the summer months and planning for our 2008 season. We will be in touch with you over these months, keeping you informed of “what’s going on” for 2008.

We would also like to extend congratulations to our fellow FVC and FLL teams that participated in the 2007 FIRST Championship. We respect their hard work, enthusiasm, and gracious behavior. And speaking of the Championship, we of course send congratulations to all the FRC participating teams and award winners. Our highest recognition, the 2007 Chairman’s Award, was awarded to Team 365, MOE from Wilmington, DE. Congratulations “MOE!”

Please note the “2007 Trophy and Medallion Reorder Form” is now available on the FIRST web site. Please follow this link (under “FRC Headlines”) to download the form, http://www.usfirst.org/community/frc/default.aspx?id=966

We request all orders be received no later than May 16, 2007.

Finally, please refer to Team Update #21, found at http://www.usfirst.org/community/frc/content.aspx?id=450 for important messaging from the FRC staff to all of you.

On behalf of FIRST and the FRC Staff, we wish you a wonderful summer and look forward to having you with us next season.

Go Teams!

AHHHH on no Update 21 says no drill presses at off season competitions!