**FIRST EMAIL**/Translators Needed for FLL World Festival

Greetings FRC Teams:

Do you speak another language besides English? You could help a team from another country!

FLL expects 84 teams from 27 countries to participate in the World Festival at the FIRST Championship next week. We have identified some of the needed translators, but not all. We are still in need of translators for: French, Dutch, Korean, Arabic, and Turkish. If you speak these languages, please contact fllwfvol@usfirst.org with the language and your availability at the event.

Needed Language Translators: French, Dutch, Korean, Arabic, Turkish. Other language translator position have been filled.

The most important day for a team to have a translator is Thursday, for FLL judging (scheduled in a 60 minute block) and robot practice rounds.

Ideally, we would like volunteer translators to meet their assigned team on Wednesday afternoon at FLL Registration (between 3 and 6pm). This does not need to be a long meeting, but is more to introduce each other and to discuss / review the team’s schedule. On Thursday, the critical day for translation needs, FLL judging and robot practice rounds take place. Friday is judging callbacks as applicable and the official robot rounds. The schedule for each team varies.

Again, please email your name, language, FRC team name & #, your cell phone #, and your days and hours of availability to fllwfvol@usfirst.org. If you realize on-site that you are able to help, please go to the volunteer room located at Meeting Room 4 in the Georgia Dome (Level 1 at Gate E).

Thank you for any help you are able to provide!
The FLL World Festival Staff