**FIRST EMAIL**/Trophy and Medallion Re-Order Form

Greetings Teams:

Teams wishing to purchase additional trophies and medallions from the 2008 FRC season may do so by completing the “2008 Trophy and Medallion Reorder Form”. It is available on the *FIRST *web site (see link in the text of the main page) at http://www.usfirst.org/community/frc/default.aspx?id=966.

**Special Note:
**Teams who did not pick up their bronze participation medallions at their initial even should contact *FIRST *at [email protected] to indicate they wish to procure them. *FIRST will use the team’s shipping address and account information located in the TIMS to send them unless another option is specified in the email (i.e., credit card or other shipping account). Silver and gold medallion recipients do NOT receive bronze participation medallions.
*Please do not send credit card number in the email - this is not secure. If you indicate you would like to pay by credit card *FIRST will contact you by telephone for further information. Thank you.
Go Teams!

Whoa… spooky timing. I just found that page last night by mere coincidence.
Banners are available too from a link off of that page btw.

Does anyone know the approach to go to order duplicate Trophies from previous years?
This order form seems to only apply for the ones that are won in 2008.

Yeah, I was checking this out the other day. Our team has to order another trophy because it got serious damage on the way back from palmetto…oh how I hate deer.

Were you using it as a hood ornament?:yikes:

you don’t?