**FIRST EMAIL**/Update on Connecticut Regional Field

I don’t know if anyone has posted this, if so I will delete the thread

Greetings Teams:

This is a final update on the number of competition fields at the 2008 FRC Connecticut Regional in Hartford. Due to the fact that team interest was lower than expected during registration, the 2008 FRC Connecticut Regional will be a single-field event.

The Connecticut Regional will not be a Double Regional as previously considered earlier in the season.

Go Teams!

D’oh! 60+ teams on one field…this sounds like a logistics nightmare waiting to happen.

VCU had 66 teams on one field last year… it wasn’t too bad. Packed, but there weren’t any “OMG this is too many teams” moments.

There are like five 60+ team regionals.

The biggest issue i see with having that many teams at Hartford is the seating aragnements. For the two years the competition has been held at the convention center, FIRST has brought in two sets or portable bleachers and the seating has been tight.

Been to 60 plus team events before (Toronto last year) and getting robots on and off the field can be done. There will have to be some graciousness in the stands, they will be full.

Still looking forward to seeing how all these “defensively” minded teams adapt to this year’s game!

I’m personally very dissapointed :frowning: This gonna be crazy no matter what anyone says:eek:

We tried, but funds prevented us. Oh well, better luck next year.

Eliminations are going to be a nightmare. I see a lot of teams going home unsatisfied.