**FIRST EMAIL**/Updates to Championship Essential Information

Greetings Teams:

There have been several important updates to the 2009 Championship Essential Information document. If you have already downloaded this document, please update to the most recent version. You can download the Essential Information document from the FRC Championship web page here: http://www.usfirst.org/community/frc/content.aspx?id=432.

Please remember that there may be further updates as the Championship approaches, so be sure to check back before you depart in April.

Go Teams!

Wow… they actually suggest teams to scout every field in Atlanta.
In a perfect world maybe… :rolleyes:

But seriously, how many teams out there actually scout every field?
Just wondering.

we will probobly be able to do 2…maybe 3 at the most…

we’re still working on our scouting program…

Last year, we formed a sort of scouting collaboration. For example, we were on Galileo. All of our Galileo data was to be contributed to any collaboration member whose alliance may make it to Einstein. There were representative teams from each field, all of whom agreed to trade data in the situation of 1 team making it to Einstein. So perhaps teams could do that. You have to wait until fields get announced though…

Wow, I can’t even imagine our team doing that without pairing up with an awesome team willing to share with us. You can’t pick from every field, right? In that case I’d just send a scout or two to the final matches of each division to find out who the competition is.