**FIRST EMAIL**/Were you in FIRST Lego League?

Greetings FRC Championship Teams:

Did any of you participate on a FIRST LEGO League (FLL) team before entering FRC? If so, we want to hear from you!

The 2007 FLL Power Puzzle Challenge will be FLL’s 10th Challenge! To celebrate, we are creating a video demonstrating the impact FLL has had over the last nine (9) years. A major piece that we would love to capture is YOU, and your amazing stories of traveling from FLL to FRC, and even what you want to do next!

If you did participate on an FLL team, please send the information requested below to **[email protected] by Friday, March 16. **Our goal is to obtain a small sample of individuals who have graduated from FLL and interview them for the video. The interviewing will take place in Atlanta during the Championship (don’t worry we wont pull you away for long!)

FLL and FIRST are very excited about the upcoming birthday and we hope you will be willing to join us in the celebration!

**Your Name
FRC Team Name and #
The name of your FLL team (If you remember)
What years you were on an FLL team
*Please feel free to include any additional information such as if you continued to participate in FLL in some way (as a mentor or volunteer), or how the experience has had a major impact on your life.

If you know individuals who have graduated and are currently in college that participated in FLL, please ask them to contact us. We want to hear from them too!

We will contact you closer to the dates of Championship with details if you submit information.

Congratulations on going to the Championship, and thanks for your help!

Kim Kopaczewski
FLL & JFLL Program Coordinator