**FIRST EMAIL**/WGBH's Design Squad Opportunity

Greetings Teams:

*FIRST *has worked in with Boston-based public television station WGBH and the Design Squad production staff in the past. They have requested that we share an exciting opportunity with *FIRST *participants, ages 18 and 19. Details are found here, Design Squad . Please direct any questions to Matthew Smith, 617-424-6805 or [email protected].

Go Teams!

I auditioned for design squad last week, along with another member of the NUTRONS. what a great way to promote FIRST! I just got an e-mail about call backs, so I guess we will see!

My friend did design squad last summer and had a blast.

Sadly, I’m still 17…

Who’s your friend? I had to watch all of the episodes from this season and last season to prepare for my interview. Its a really great show to teach youngsters about engineering. Also, the winner gets a $10,000 scholarship! On the website they have sample projects and a way to teach little kids about the engineering design process. All of the episodes are archived so you can watch them online.

My friend is Tomas. He’s on a team I help out, 2104

That sounds awesome, I’ll make sure to pass it on to some other guys on my team. I’ve already got a summer commitment (living and working full time at Cedar Point), but this really does sound cool.