FIRST Entertainment

I don’t know what happened at the other regionals, but the bookings for the BAE regional rocked completely. We had a comedian Mike McDonald, and he was hilarious, without being too crude. One thing that was absolutely hilarious was he made fun of snow plow men. A WHOLE SONG!!! And then he cracked on rhode Island, of course we cheered. He came over. So we pointed out the Snow Plow Man on our team,and he got a verbal lashing, lol. He also instructed people in the proper wearing of earmuffs, they belong some where else!!! WINK WINK, NUDGE NUDGE!!! Then they had a stomp like group named recycled Percussion, and it was something to be admired. Especially with the grinders, SPARKS ARE PRETTY!!!
So I am just curious, how was the entertainment for other regionals? If any? I am sorry to say it, but I usually dont enjoy it, but this year I am glad I stayed. FILL ME IN!!!

VCU’s pit announcer.

He was extreamly funny when trying to get people to wear goggles.

that comedian was great…recycled percussion is from NH…so it was great to see them again…

is mike mcdonald the voice of gahndi on clone high?


Lol. would be kool if they had a booth, with special effects, and it would demonstrate what would happen if goggles were not worn properly. Random people walking out in a jumpy mode. AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH, FOR GOD"S SAKE MAN!!! PUT ON YOUR SAFETY GOGGLES!!! YOU COULD BE KILLED!!!

Oh, the comedian cracked on that btw, “I’ve never seen so many people wearing safety glasses since a paintball convention”
Also the crack on BAE was pretty funny
What does it truly stand for anyhow. Looking aroudn at some of these engineers I think it might meen "Bordering at the equator’

I think it was “bulging at the equator.” My favorite quote from him was “FIRST is like NASCAR for smart people – you get to turn left and right.”

BTW, did anyone notice the bad example Recycled Percussion set by not wearing saftey goggles while grinding?

I have nice legs…according to that guy… to say the least i was a tad emmbarrassed the first time!!! lol RP was great, holy crap! 1200 single strokes in a minute? thats insane!!


We had a nice party at the Engineering school with Mexicans who act like poorly made robots! I swear! If you were there you would understand. But my comedy was hanging with 346 that night.

THAT WAS YOU!!! HAAHAHAHAHA!!! Im sorry but that was hilarious. I almost came up to you and said nice legs, lol. Mr T. on our team got a few “HEY SNOW PLOW MAN”'s, that guy made a celebrity out of a few people, lol. One person I want to know about is the hippy guy from 88, wikked hair, blonde, blue and red, I was like, WHOA!!! FROOOOOOOOOOO, FROOOOOOOOOOOOO
FROEY FROEY FROEY FROEY!!!, lol. That guy was just plain out kool. When the first comedian got him, he jumped for joy in being able to get him to sing and play jumbo guitar, lol.

im gonna change my name to leggy greg lol

your the leg boy!! thats great!!

sexy legs :wink: hehehehe

woohoo!! raise the roof for the stud with the legs!

p.s.- they are solid!