FIRST Event Music

My team runs a local FIRST LEGO League tournament every year from our high school. While prepping for the event on the 14th, we realized we didn’t know what music we need to play. If anyone has a list of songs or a playlist that you typically play at FIRST Events (FLL, FTC, or FRC) we would be immensely grateful if we could get some jamming suggestions. You can PM me any lists or links, Thanks! is a good start.

(edit: oh no! website appears to be down! my bad. Hopefully someone who’s already downloaded the lists will be able to share.)

Hope that helps! Basically, you want music that is clean, fun, upbeat, but not too distracting - and then something more engaging, like the dance songs, for if/when you need breaks.

Attached are the playlists and the strategy PDF that used to be on the FIRST Music DJs website.

2015_FIRST_Music_Strategy_Guide.pdf (132 KB) (2.24 MB)

2015_FIRST_Music_Strategy_Guide.pdf (132 KB) (2.24 MB)

Here is an archive of the webpage as it was on August 1st.

Thanks everyone! I think we have a pretty good idea of what we need to play, we could not find our old playlists!

No First event is complete without Darude’s Sandstorm.

Oh, how I wish for FIRST to have better taste in music. I watched in horror today as FLL kids were indoctrinated into the cult of Cha Cha Slide.

FRC music must have a beat, and robots must be able to dance to it. (Most of you are probably way too young to get this.)

Don’t forget the Pirates of the Caribbean remix!

Remember the Macarena! No FIRST event is complete without it.

For our FLL competitions we usually play some pretty chill indie rock like the Arctic Monkeys. Anything to fast or loud will freak out the little ones(we all know how excitable they can be).