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FIRST asked us to post this:

Did you know that by participating on a FIRST Robotics team you are eligible
to receive one of over 200 scholarships from some of the top colleges and
universities in the US and Canada? To learn more check out the FIRST
Scholarship listings on the FIRST website!

It would have been nice if they had asked you to post a direct link to the scholarship page too. :wink:

2005 FIRST Scholarships

I think the much more impressive figure is the total amount of scholarship money. Isn’t it upwards of 4 million this year??

sometimes u dont figure it until your out of HS… wish some of those were for college students lol;)

It’s closer to 5 million

Are there any scholarships for a white male that aren’t to particular schools? :frowning:

Last year, Raytheon had a scholarship for existing college students.

The very first one on the scholarship page. :wink:

Its surprising that not everyone applies for these, do you have to apply for any of them during your junior year??

i believe there is aleast one where you must be in the junior of of high school.

Some of the scholarships are for “FIRST participants” that are accepted into the school giving the scholarship. In my mind that could include college (or other) mentors who apply and are accepted. You might want to call and verify with the school first though.

Bonam Fortunam

yeah…i thought you had to be in your senior year to apply…i was also wondering if you had to be a u.s. resident. Do they by any chance accept foreign students??? :confused:

I hate to say this, but you need to check every scholarship individually to see what year to apply and whether or not you are eligible. There are a few that are open to juniors. Most of the ones from a particular school state that you have to be accepted to that school. Since most schools accept foreign students, you can probably apply for a FIRST scholarship if they have one at the school(s) you want to go to.