FIRST fails Vine compilation video!

I will soon begin working on a new video, it will be titled “FIRST fails” (this video will be entirely for non-serious, entertainment purposes only no hard feelings on anything please:( ).
What I need is input, what should i consider including:confused: ? I will use for example the Roomba incident of 2012 or one of the long can-burglar battles:o .

one of my personal favorites:

Whoa:eek: , that most definitely will be listed.

Still one of my favorite videos from 2013.

Also may want to use some of the many human players getting hit by 2014’s exercise balls.


How could I forget this?:rolleyes:

Here is an on-board GoPro Video from when we knocked the shooter off of our robot in the finals at Duel on the Delaware 2012.

And a picture for good measure of what really went down.

It’s worth noting that even though we broke catastrophically, our wonderful partners 341 and 1640 helped us put to work the worlds biggest zipties, and fix the shooter well enough to win the whole competition (though with 341, we could’ve sat out and still won that year).

2015 Archimedes SF2: watch the can war.

From Ultimate Ascent at Granite State Regional. I love the collective ‘oooohhh’ from the crowd.

Team 1831 is a fun team and took it well. They sustained little damage and never missed a round.

I don’t remember which match or I’d try to find the video, but 1023 fell off the pyramid in 2013 and landed upside down.

I don’t remember which match or I’d try to find the video, but 1023 fell off the pyramid in 2013 and landed upside down.

The fall happens at 2:20

What is the Roomba incident?

In 2012, a roomba was found under the bridge which prevented it from tipping in Curie QF 1-1. Video.

Here’s 1323’s comms failure wreaking havoc (starts at around 1:50):

You want a long and unexpected can battle? Finals 2 for Hopper should fit that bill nicely.

Here it is.

I have to say one of the most memorable moments of our 2013 season. We’re the only blue robot climbing the pyramid.

Prepare to cringe

In a GP spirit, you might want to consider naming the video something more positive, like “FIRST learns the hard way” or “FIRST builds character”. Please post the link here when you’re done, whatever you name it!

You may find some content on this thread.

Newton 2013

Last year, ball gets stuck on top of the truss :smiley: :

Vine fail compilations are a fairly common thing. It’s not really a problem, and provides more instant recognition as to the content of the video, given how popular they are.

there’s a couple of good ones I can think of, as long as the teams are cool with this stuff being included

the first one is from our Curie alliance captains 3663: (same video, two different spots- the whole video is great, these are the two best moments)

the second one is from team 4909: (watch the red alliance)

I really enjoyed these two videos.