FIRST Family Tree: Everybody, PLEASE respond!!!!

Posted by Megan at 03/12/2001 9:31 PM EST

Student on team #176, Aces High, from Windsor Locks High School and Hamilton Sundstrand.

My team (#176 “Aces High”) is trying to put together a “Family Tree" to show how the FIRST program has spread to the size it is today. For example, Dave Leenhouts (our current team leader) was on a team before he branched off and created our team. Then one of our alumni graduated and started a team at her college. This is a part of my team’s history, but we would like to make the FIRST family tree include all of the FIRST teams in existence right now, as well as the expired FIRST teams (as many as we can possibly dig up). However, before we can create a visual Family Tree, we need to have all the information from our “relatives”. I realize everyone is very busy, especially during this time of the competition year, but if you could just take a few minutes to give this to the right person, find accurate answers to the following questions and reply back, I would appreciate it. You can print it out to give to whomever and bring it to our area in the pit if your team will be at the Mid-Atlantic regional in New Jersey or the Nationals. If you want to email me the answers, replies should be sent to [email protected]

Thank you and good luck,
Megan McDonald
Team #176

P.S. I realize a survey very similar to this was sent out last year via email, but please redo this one if you have not already gotten it this year.

Team Number:
Team Name:
Corporate Sponsor:

  1. Who is your team leader? (first and last name)

  2. Who originally started your team? (first and last name)

  3. Why did they decide to start a team? What (or who) inspired them? Where and how did they first hear about it?

  4. Are there any teams in particular that helped your team get on its feet? Please provide a team number if you know it.

  5. Who is filling out this survey? (first and last name)

Posted by julia walsh at 03/14/2001 1:53 PM EST

Other on team #191, XCATS, from Wilson Magnet School and xerox.

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Posted by Megan on 03/12/2001 9:31 PM EST:

I will provide some info to you this weekend regarding the history of the few teams that have competed for all 10 years.
XCATS Can’t wait for this weekends competition!


Have a 911 call #191!!