FIRST Fantasy Football - AUCTION Draft

I’ve set up a max four-division, 20 team ESPN auction draft league, creatively dubbed the “CD Football Auction League”.

The auction draft is handled by ESPN’s software. Auction drafts take a bit longer to complete, by their nature, but I feel they are more enjoyable than serpentine drafts.

The draft is currently set for Monday August 31st, at 6:00 PM.

Try this for a direct join link - you must sign up for a free ESPN account first before joining the league.

If the direct join link doesn’t work, please PM me your real name and email address if you wish to join, and I’ll send you an email invite.

I’m having some problems joining the league (I’ve never used ESPN fantasy football). When I click on the direct link, it goes to a page that says "You are joining this team: Team NOWAN…(as co-owner with Jack…). I click accept invitation and then "Invitation does not exist in LeagueMember’. Any ideas?