FIRST Fantasy Football

I started a Fantasy football league at for any other Firster out there that enjoys football. just go to and click on Fantasy football. After you register search for the league called FIRST robotics and enter. The password is 8020.
Theres only room for 11 more teams so if your interested hurry up and join.

Come on More people join so the league doesn’t get canceled!!!

How many players do we get??


12 total so we have 8 left.

I don’t really know anything about this, so could you explain the idea of “fantasy football” a little. I’ve always thought it was an interesting idea, but never really understood it.

I’m in

Anyone interested in a Fantasy FIRST league? :stuck_out_tongue:

Ehh, I will give it a try.

For those of you who don’t know what it is Fantasy Football is a game based on statistics of real NFL players. At the beginning of the season which in this case is August 31 at 5:30 a live draft will be held. Each player chooses (I’m 75% sure) 14 players to be on his team. Than each week the teams are paired off against each other. The stats for the players you choose are used for scoring. For certain feats a player is given a certain number of points. For scoring a touchdown, gaining certain number of yards, kicking a field goal, etc. If your team’s players points add up to more than your opponents you win that game and if you keep winning your games you’ll be the champion of the league. For exact rules you can check out the official page on but thats the jist of it.

And we only have three more open spots so grab while you can.

The best part is it ends in December right before that other little competition starts. :wink:

im in

im in…when i get home ill register

I’m in.


I would like to, but I’m already in 3 leagues… I dunno if I can handle another. If you must have another player, then I’ll be in. But, I don’t want to use up a spot if anyone else wants it.

Andy B.

That’s it were full
Titans, Jim Giacchi
CHAOS, Jestin McCarthy
Cooney Quest, Ricky Quinones
Wildcards, chris carnevale
Woodpeckers, Michael Murphy
WATTNESS, Ashley Weed
The Slammers, Sam Stein
Dah Bears, Todd Derbyshire
stiwan rage, Joel Johnson
Houston Texans, jeff rodriguez
Herndon Hornets, Jeff Wetzel
Technokats_1, D.J. Fluck
Good luck and REMEMBER there’s a live draft on the 31st of august.

I MISSED THE DRAFT!!! Lol…So who looks to have the strongest team? I’m new at this fantasy football thing.


i also missed the draft! baaahhh…oh well

Did you guys get the reminder email?

yes i was just too “busy” to remember

I missed the draft due to the MD state fair…
/me goes checks on what happened.


I missed the draft and ended up with multiple kickers and multiple defenses, oh well.

Missed the draft, but I scored Drew Brees (Purdue Grad and the new San Diego starter) and peter warrick out of the free agents area. Also I got dante cullpepper, LaDainian Tomlinson, and Adam Vinatieri (new englands kicker)… also if ron dayne stays healthy i should be good…

Good luck to all competitors