FIRST Fantasy soccer?

Ok, so i see al this talk about the FIRST fantasy football, which i simply dont get (FOOTBALL that is)
And i was wondering is there any cahnce to create a semilar thing, just with soccer? Will anyone be interested?

Fantasy (American) Football is easier to score than soccer would be. You pick out star players and whatnot that you feel will play good. In soccer, the score would be like 1-0. Not really a good way to do much. I don’t know. There’s probably a fantasy soccer website out there for hardcore soccer team. I don’t know much about soccer…

There is. Question is, are there people here who know anything about what’s going on nowadays in UK soccer (im used calling it football) =]

Yalla Yossi and liverpool!!!

On the other hand, I can’t wait to watch tomorrow’s Euro 08 qualifier between England and Israel, let’s see Kashtan’s boys pull off the upset.

Yea, right =]

One can hope, can’t he? haha

I have to keep myself satisfied with One, because I’m in New York =\

Now you can watch it =]