FIRST Farewells

I thought it’d be nice for us graduating seniors to have a thread to share some of our favorite memories from our time as students in FIRST. While for many of us this isn’t goodbye from FIRST (I myself intend on mentoring after my first four years of college), it’s still a good time to stop and reminisce.

What’s your story? What are your favorite robotics memories? What have you gained as students in FIRST?

I’ll be posting mine when I figure out how to adequately shorten it.:wink:

After spending four years on Team 2512, I can say that I have not regretted a single moment of joining robotics. Before I joined, I knew I wanted to go into some sort of engineering field but now I know which one. I would like to go into computer engineering whereas before I joined I was thinking about mechanical engineering. Once I finish my first year of college I plan to be a strategy mentor for Team 2512. I also plan on volunteering at a couple of Minnesota regionals during my first year of college.

Thanks to robotics, I have met many very close friends that I will hopefully keep in contact with for the rest of my life. We have had many funny moments together that I will never forget. My best memories from the team would have to be conversing with friends before and after school. I also enjoyed playing Ultimate Frisbee with teammates before meetings, reading Chief Delphi, watching streams with friends on weeks we weren’t competing, and having game nights during the off-season with teammates. Scouting and Friday Night Strategy Meetings were my favorite things to do during competitions. I am glad I got the chance to watch many great teams perform while scouting during various events.

I gained great memorization skills from being on our team’s strategy department. I have a personal record of team names and numbers that I know which is currently roughly 350. I also gained some better communication skill through public outreach events and I also got better at being more confident in speaking my mind whereas in the past I would sit quietly an let other people talk.

I think robotics withdrawal is already starting to set in even though I still have a couple more meetings left. :frowning:

Why limit it to just student memories. Mentors have memories too :smiley:
This year, FRC Team 1501 will be losing 11 great senior students :ahh:
They are (in no particular order) Angel, Austin, Grant, Justus, Connor, Martha, Matt, Tyler and Garrett.
Don’t let the name Angel fool you, she has a bit of the devil in her. One lesson I learned from her is to never leave your smart phone unattended. I still have the selfie.
Due to health problem Austin was unable to make many of the build sessions and none of the events. I will always remember him for his upbeat attitude.
Grant was always thinking of how to improve the robots. He and Austin were like brothers in how they worked together.
Connor and Martha were a great drive team. Leading us to 1 Regional win, 1 District win and 2 runner ups. Win or lose, Martha was always upbeat.
Justus was Justus :smiley: He was always willing to get his hands dirty and help out anyway he could. He just needs to learn to dance :slight_smile:
Tyler was another student who worked behind the scenes but never complained.
Matt has come a long way from beginning programmer to writing his own App that was used by many other FIRST’ers.
And last BUT not least, we have Garrett. He worked with the Marketing team to help us get the State Championship Engineering Inspiration award for the first time.
I know all these students will go far in their lives and I wish them all the best.
I just wish they would have staggered out the graduating bit :ahh:

A “tentative” goodbye to our only graduating Senior, Spirit Captain, and “Pink Morph Woman” - Megan. Tentative, because you’re going to be close enough for the next four years that we expect to see you now and then.

There isn’t enough room here for all the great stories. Thanks for everything!

Oh man. 3883 has a few graduating seniors this year, all extremely valuable and full of energy. Our particiaption ranges from all four years to just one year (shoutout to noodle man grantulas!). No matter how long someone has been a data bit it’s a positive experience.

Being in FRC was the start of getting out of a dark place for me. I learned to stand up for myself and make random friends that I now cannot do without. I’m going to miss the endless pep and giggling that comes with competing and looking like a fool in the stands dancing. Making the robot, of course, was extremely fun too. I’m going to miss being someone the underclassmen can trust and occasionally make fun of. I will definetely miss the banter, build season days where work is slow and everyone cracks jokes, and eating dinner with my closest friends. I’m also excited for the future! I can’t wait to someday come back to my team and aid them. This year was especially upsetting with the passing of a teacher close to many people on our team, as well as someone close to me. We all survived, and I can’t be more proud of 3883 this season.

I’m proud of all the nerd bits, and can’t wait to see what they do.