FIRST Final Jeopardy 3.0! (7/31)

Yay for actually getting a full month in! If you don’t know it by now: If you did not get a correct answer during the month, you cannot participate in Final Jeopardy. No time limit here. Choose one question and PM me the answer (in the form of a question, of course). Scoring is a set number here. First one with a correct answer gets 1000, second gets 800, third gets 500, forth gets 300, and fifth gets 100. The catch: the score you receive on the scorecard is divided by the number of answers you got wrong over the course of the month (a person with nothing or one wrong gets full credit, a person with two wrong answers gets it chopped in half, etc). If someone beats you to the answer, then you’re out of luck (although it does make it interesting). And once this thread is closed, no more answers will be allowed. Have fun.

  1. Marmaduke is this kind of dog.
  2. Three strikes in a row in bowling.
  3. A navel orange is lacking this.
  4. She was the longest reigning British monarch in history.
  5. Huey, Dewey, and Louie are this character’s nephews.