FIRST Final Jeopardy! (5/31)

I know this is a day late, but I had only two hous of sleep the last 48 hous when I got home yesterday, so i immediately flopped on the floor and fell asleep.

Since this is final Jeopardy, we’ll give everyone the chance to catch up and possibly win this month. I am putting up 10 questions. You may only take one question. Each question can only be answered once. The first person to answer a question correctly gets 1000 points, the second person gets 900, and so on. Your post counts as the answer, so please no commentary. If you answer a question wrong, answer more than once, or answer an already answered question (even if it was wrong), you’ll lose points based on the number your post is, and the point value will not stand for the next person answering (you answer third, you get it wrong, you lose 800 points, and the next answer is only worth 700). Also note that I can close this thread off at any point without notice, so answer quickly. I think that’s it. When you answer, put the number of the question, then your answer.

  1. What is the nickname of Florida?
  2. How many pecks are in a bushel?
  3. What Roman governor tried Christ?
  4. What planet did Mariner explore?
  5. What Polynesian people inhabit New Zealand?
  6. How long does it take to complete a 15-round boxing match?
  7. Who was the first director of the Peace Corps?
  8. What country lies directly south of Detroit?
  9. What film has Marion Crane stabbed to death in the Bates Motel?
  10. What college football team did Knute rockne build?

Don’t know about my spelling, but here’s 3

Who is Pontious Pilate?

8: Canada

9: Alfred Hitchcock’s Psycho.

  1. The Sunshine State
  1. Notre Dame


7: Shriver

  1. 4 pecks to a bushel

5- the Maori

This thread is closed. Here are the answers:

  1. Sunshine State (Aaron Lusier, 700 pts)
  2. 4 (Jeff Waegelin, 400 pts)
  3. Pontius Pilate (srawls, 1000pts)
  4. Venus
  5. The Maori (OneAngryDaisy, 300 pts)
  6. 59 minutes
  7. Sargent Shriver (kristen, 500 pts)
  8. Canada (Brandon Martus, 900 pts)
  9. Psycho (M. Krass, 800 pts)
  10. Notre Dame (Cory, 600 pts)

I’ll have a post out later tonight for June’s first question, and to announce the winners of this month.