FIRST Final Jeopardy! (8/31)

We’re going to get a new champ this month. Who will it be? We all know the rules: Since this is final Jeopardy, we’ll give everyone the chance to catch up and possibly win this month. I will list 10 questions. You must PM me with your answer. Normal rules apply to answers, except that you can only PM me once. Put the number before the answer. Anyone who answers me more than once, or gives me a wrong answer will lose points equal to what they would’ve gotten with a correct answer (after all, my inbox space is valuable ). Don’t post your answer here. First person with a correct answer gets 1000 points, second gets 900, and so on. Answers can only be taken once, so anyone who PMs me an answer after someone else has already PMed me the right answer is out of luck. Hopefully, that will make things more interesting. I also reserve the right to close this thread at any time.

  1. These travel in gaggles.
  2. Admiralty Arch is here.
  3. This novel has Big Brother watching.
  4. He played Matt Helm.
  5. The source of John D. Rockefeller’s fortune.
  6. Without this, Abebe Bikila won the 1960 olympic marathon.
  7. Hadrian’s Wall seperated these two places.
  8. Mark Twain’s real name.
  9. He Was a Teenage Warewolf.
  10. The Angel’s Charlie.

It’s 11:39, do you know- uh, I mean this thread is closed.

Here are the answers and the people who got them:

  1. Geese
  2. London
  3. 1984
  4. Dean Martin
  5. oil
  6. shoes
  7. England and Scotland (Andy A., 900pts)
  8. Samuel Langhorne Clemens (M. Krass, 1000pts)
  9. Michael Landon
  10. John Forsythe

We also had three nameless who lost 900 points, and two that lost 800.