FIRST: "For Inspiration" indeed! Check this out!

We tend to focus on the “RST” part of FIRST.

Here’s some “FI”: Junior year I was inspired to start a robotics team for underprivileged, low-income sixth graders.

They single-handedly changed my perspective towards FIRST. I understand now that the RST (Recognition of Science and Tech) part is just a means to the greater end: Inspiration.

They inspired me so much that I find it unfair to not share the magic with you all. Behold the Vlogs! Newest episode:

Ladies: You like adorable things, right? What’s more adorable than little sixth graders running around and being funny? Nothing. Check out the vid!

Guys: You like fierce competition and science-fiction robot battles, right? Then click the link, homies!

Post whatever’s on your mind after watching it!

Over and out,
Gabe from Team 991

This is a REALLY great thing you are doing, and it looks like fun as well! Keep it up!

That’s adorable, I love the video style as well :slight_smile: It’s a great thing you’re doing!

Love the style! Just a quick thought, have you considered using bluetooth instead of using the cables?

Thanks for the positive feedback fellow FIRSTers!

I have considered it but we only have one Bluetooth dongle. The cable definitely acts a challenge though. I think it makes the matches more fun to watch sometimes: there’s been times when the opposing team pulls the other team’s wire to prevent them from scoring

Also, I sincerely believe that the FIRST mission is inspiration. If the video inspired you please share it, whether it be word of mouth or reposting. I really think these guys deserve an audience…that’s why I decided to make these videos.


I like the project. Not so much you stereotyping me as a “lady” who “likes adorable things.” I can appreciate “fierce competition and science-fiction robot battles” too, despite my lack of a Y chromosome.

I meant no disrespect. Sorry.

– Gabe