First FRC event in Vermont

We invite all teams to Maple Madness, the first FRC event in VT. This offseason is taking place on Aug. 12-14th, 2022 at Rutland High School in Rutland, VT. It’s the first time most people in our region will see what FRC is, and our goal is to inspire school administrators, local legislators, and government officials to embrace FIRST and start new teams. Registration will be $150.

More information can be found here:


Very cool idea to have a 2nd day entirely for shenanigans!

Do you have a team capacity estimate?

We’ll probably cap at 24 teams, but since we’re out of they way it probably won’t hit the cap. We really want teams to get a lot of field time and practice for new drivers. Should be a lot of fun!


It’s the 2nd closest event for many upstate NY teams, so you may have a higher demand than you might expect. I guess we’ll find out.


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