FIRST FRC Q&A Site Froming

Hey Everyone! Lets help create a Question and Answer site for FRC!

We need your help!
Click the link, Push the “Follow It!” button. Upvote some questions and ask some questions!

So you may be wondering why the heck we need another Q&A site…

I pose to you, have you ever used Stack Overflow? If yes then imagine… The Stack Overflow of FRC!

Neat, could come in handy.

I feel like ChiefDelphi is already populated enough as it is. The forum style is better for general open-ended discussion as are the majority of robotics-related discussions. Only thing I see a stack being better for is answering general electronics/programming/etc one sentence questions, but there aren’t many so it might not get checked as much by the people who would be able to help.

+1: I was trying to figure out how to say this without sounding petulant. Further, many people who have a question with a simple answer leave something out of the original post. Well done!

Chute door?

An interesting idea, but unfortunately it seems like most of the sites that launched from the staging zone averaged over five questions a day when released. That kind activity might possibly be achievable during the peak sections of build season, but I am not sure how sustainable such a site would be in the long-term.

Yes, chute door.