Ok not sure if I am the only one with this problem or if it is due to the Q&A not being open yet but I created a login for the Question and Answer but whenever I try to jump to the other screens it says I am not authorized and need a verification number for the team. Where would I find that number or am I missing something? Thanks!

Your team mentors/coaches have the code you need to be authorized.

This blog post describes how to get the Q&A authorization code.

Also note that while you can set up and get authorized, Q&A is not actually accepting questions at this time. :confused: :frowning:

That’s correct. According to this blog it will open at noon eastern today.

Thank you.

I am a team mentor just somehow missed the blog post :ahh: *brain lapse and it hasn’t been a full week into the season yet.

Anybody else not able to “sort” the questions?

I also don’t like that the “Hot questions” page isn’t numerical… But that might just be because I can’t sort…

EDIT: Nevermind there is a link at the top that says “search the Q&A” which opens the sorting drop down menu

I am annoyed that when I star a question that question jumps around on the page.

Edit: I am generally annoyed with the live updating of the Search Q&A page. I do not want the text I am reading to jump because a new question was asked and is now added to the page I am looking at.

Any way to get a simple list of all answered questions?
We can only sort on “Newest Answers”, does that mean they will start disappearing never to be seen again?
I don’t really care about the Questions as much as I do about the Answers.

Found by hitting more below the new answers on the front page.

Annoyed that you have to click on an answered question to read the answer and it takes you to a different page. How about a drop down box.

I do like the speed of answers though. That is much improved from the past.

Does anyone know how to access the RSS feed for this? I recall that there was one last year, but I can’t figure out how to get to it. Would like for these to appear in the team slack.

The “Time to Answer” field seems to be slightly off.

Another annoyance, we are 35 questions in and 3 questions ask the same thing and two questions were answered by TU1.

So, I just got an email that a question I asked had been answered. That is quite impossible seeing as I did not ask a question, I do not even have the ability to ask questions.

I appreciate all the work the creators put into this system, I hope you understand that the annoyances I am posting are to help you improve upon the system.

And now is down

If anyone who was fortunate enough to see some answers before it went down wants to share some highlights, that would be awesome… :smiley:

It’s better than the old one but still has a couple bugs. Feature request for next year: don’t just let users star questions, but also let users hide questions asked by people who clearly didn’t feel like reading the manual.

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Do they just have stars, or do they also have an upvote/downvote system to move those questions to the bottom, similar to StackExchnge?