FIRST Fridays Announcement!

Hey Everyone,

Remember A World of FIRST Day in 2011? There’s been some changes based on your input and the event will continue on as FIRST Friday! Basically last year this happened… the idea for a coordinated day for FIRST members/supporters/mentors/staff/volunteers/anyone to wear their shirts/hats/pins/anything they could so that those unfamiliar to the program would start seeing these logos in multiple places and start asking questions and researching for themselves. It was such a big success for the time and resources given that it will continue on year after year and will definitely grow each year.

All the information is at and definitely check out the most recent article on the success of last year and the changes for this year. More updates and reminders will be coming through that website and our brand new Facebook page, so please help out spreading the word by sharing our website and liking our page at!!

Thanks and hope to see an awesome showing again this year as this continues to grow!


Let’s make the first (haha, FIRST) Friday of every month a FIRST Friday!

Haha, thought about it but people wear their shirts that often anyway. This way it’s a designated day of the year to bring us all together once again… plus the way it is set up now who knows, maybe one day it will be an official holiday!

I’ll definitely like the Facebook page once I get on! (: And I think this is a neat idea…it’s awesome that it was successful next year!

This is going to have to be circled on my calendar, too. =P

Hey everyone, October 5th is getting closer now!! Today just two more months!! Help spread the word :).