/FIRST/ FTC Team Email Blast

Dear FTC Teams:
We hope you’ve had a chance to check out Quad Quandary! If you haven’t, here’s a link to the game animation:
Some information about FTC Registration, Kits and Game Forums.

If you have a 6 digit team number, your registration isn’t complete. To complete your registration, you need to fill out the Team Information, the Main Contact information and the Alternate Contact Information.
When all of that information is complete, the “Program Fee” link near the bottom of the page will become active. When the link is active, click on it and you’ll be taken to the page where your payment options are displayed. Once your team has paid their registration fee, you’ll receive a 2007 season team number via email.
You can access the registration system by following this link:
A note about the information you provide - If you could tell us in the sponsor information field who you are, it will make it easier for Affiliate Partners to identify you at the competitions you attend.

Discounted Kits:
Once your team has paid it’s registration fee, you’ll be able to follow the “Kit Information” link and purchase your vex kit for the discounted price of $209.95. That price includes shipping (if we’re shipping within the continental US). There is a limit of 2 kits per team at that price.

Game Forum Access:
When your team registration is complete, and your registration has been paid for, the registration system will show you a login and password to access the forum (this can take up to a week from the time your registration is paid). Use that login and password to post to the forum. You don’t need a login and password to read the forum content, but you will need it to post to the forum.
You can access the forum by following this link:

We wish you all a fun and successful season!
~FTC Team Support